I recently recorded an interview with a group of kids sitting outside. It was 0900 when we started and all was fine. At around 0930 the morning chorus of birds singing began to get significantly more distracting and louder, one bird in particular was tweeting right over the interviewees talking. It had to go, but what was the best way to do this? I couldn’t just fade the audio out as it would fade the voice out too, so the answer was Adobe Audition.

1. Here’s what the original sounded like.

2. Here’s how it looks when you open the clip in Adobe Audition. If you cant see the spectrum display press Ctrl+D to display it OR on the View menu select “Spectrum Frequency Display. You can clearly see the offending bird noise tweeting across the clip.

3. To Remove the offending bird or unwanted sounds, select the Paint brush tool at the top of the screen, and paint over the sound.

4. Once finished, right hand click the painted selection and choose “Auto Heal”, hey presto the sound is removed.

5. Here the clip after it has been processed, I still have work t odo to bring hte voice up and remove background hiss etc, but the bird has gone 🙂